Vision & Mission


To be Asia’s leader in utilities and power businesses providing total solutions to partners with good corporate governance as well as environmentally and socially friendly operations.


1. To develop world class utilities and power solutions fitting customers’ needs.

2. To vertically integrate solutions in utilities and power businesses and expand other market segment to increase products and services in Thailand and other Southeast Asia Countries.

3. To continuously develop human resources competencies to build talent and experience to enhance organizational core competency including encouraging workplace environment for employee wellbeing.

4. To nurture an innovative culture in the organization.

5. To add value to communities and the environment with good corporate governance and sustainable development strategies.


The Company aims to be a leader in integrated utility and power businesses and to operate in compliance with the principles of good corporate governance with responsibility for the community, society and the environment. It also plans to expand its customer base in the segments of utilities and power services, both domestically and in the South East Asia countries and expand to related businesses in order to widen its range of products and services.


  • Developing utilities and power businesses that have predictable growing revenue and superior profit opportunities in order to optimize shareholders’ value.
  • Leveraging complementary management expertise, customer relationship, infrastructure and environmental competence to expand opportunities in utilities and power businesses.
  • Utilizing sound human and financial resources selectively for competing investment opportunities.
  • Contributing positively to neighbors, society and stakeholders with sustainable programs in education,community and environment.