Wastewater Treatment

On Premise Pre-treatment and Wastewater Reclamation

WHAUP provides wastewater treatment and management services to manufacturers located in WHA’s Industrial Estates across Thailand. We ensure that used water is treated in accordance with applicable standards imposed by the Thai Ministry of Industry before being discharged into the central wastewater treatment of each industrial estate.

Treated wastewater can be discharged into natural sources of water or recycled into the production process. Currently, the total wastewater treatment combined from all locations is around 99,419 cubic meters per day.

Water and Waste Management
Water and Waste Management

Thailand’s Policy in Wastewater Management

WHAUP Wastewater Treatment Processes Consistent with Thai Laws

Water is an important resource across the economy in Thailand, especially in key sectors such as agriculture, industry and services. The Thai government has divided wastewater management and treatment responsibilities amongst 4 major government units:

The Ministry of Industry

controls wastewater management and treatment to meet the standards outlined in environmental control acts.

The Ministry of Interior

including local authorities such as municipality, district, and provincial levels of administration. They are responsible for community wastewater management.

The Ministry of Natural Resources and Environment

which includes:

  • the Wastewater Management Authority that administers the national community wastewater management policy and provides technical advice to local authorities, and
  • the Pollution Control Department that is responsible for water quality control of natural water resources.
The Ministry of Public Health

oversees the process of human excreta collection, transportation and treatment.

All water discharge from communities and factories are controlled by Thai laws and all of WHAUP processes and policies abide by current Thai law.

WHAUP Wastewater Treatment and Management Services

WHAUP has over 30 years of experience in wastewater treatment and management in Thailand’s industrial sector, especially in the Eastern Economic Corridor (ECC) of Thailand.

Our role is to collect and provide wastewater treatment services to factories in industrial estates.

At WHAUP, we implement various types of wastewater treatment technologies to treat over 34 million cubic meters of wastewater discharged by our customers in a year. The wastewater treatment technologies include:

Wastewater is transported to central wastewater plants and is treated until it meets environmental standards before being drained or recycled. Each industrial estate or district uses a different wastewater treatment technology, such as the activated sludge system, aerated lagoon system, rotation biological contractor system, and constructed wetland system, initiated by His Majesty the late King Bhumibol Adulyadej.

Processing Industrial Wastewater into Reclaimed Water

In 2017, WHAUP started the first wastewater reclamation project in WHA Eastern Industrial Estate (Map Ta Phut), located in the Eastern Economic Corridor (ECC) of Thailand.

Currently, the wastewater reclamation plant has a treatment capacity of 30,200 cubic meters per day and uses membrane technology for treating industrial wastewater into reclaimed water. This project will help save around 11 million cubic meters per year of water resources, and decrease wastewater discharge of around 11 million cubic meters per year.

Treatment capacity
cubic meters per day
Membrane technology will help save around
11 million
cubic meters per year
Decrease wastewater discharge of around
11 million
cubic meters per year