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WHA E-Job Market

WHA Group and WHAUP organized the "WHA E-Job Market" Project in collaboration with public companies and industrial operators on the Group's premises in Rayong and Chonburi.

Work-life Solutions

WHAUP as part of WHA Office Solutions, a highperformance office premises, which include projects such as WHA Tower, @Premium, SJ Infinite I, and TusPark WHA.

Innovation Leadership Program

WHAUP, as part of the WHAppy Talk Program, organized together with WHA on the WHA Innovation Journey Forum. There were 361 participants in total from all business units.

Beyond Training

WHAUP as part of WHA Group has provided online learning platform for employee at all levels across the four business hubs. The training program is organized by Beyond Training Plus.

Your Next You

Starting in 2020, in response to COVID-19 pandemic, WHAUP adjusted its human resource development training to suit the situation through online learning virtual course.

Whappy Program

WHAUP implemented together with WHA Group's WHAppy program which is the combination of WHA + Happy.

Safety Culture

WHAUP participates in training programs to educate relevant stakeholders about workplace safety, with the goal of integrating OHS practices for all stakeholders.


WHAUP implemented the Bubble and Seal measure in accordance with the government’s goal of protecting industrial plant workers and surrounding communities from COVID-19 infections.

Surmounting Challenges of Covid-19 Pandemic

While our society has experienced many surprising events, no one has predicted that a pandemic will occur in 2020. COVID-19 has shaken the world in many unprecedented ways, and its repercussions are still difficult to assess. The pandemic has brought adverse impacts toward physical and psychological health of countless individuals, families and communities in Thailand. Its impacts also extend beyond public health to economic and financial status of the communities, especially the most vulnerable within our society.