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WHA Solar Power in Thailand

Generating renewable green energy and powering the future

WHA Solar is part of Thailand’s solution towards a sustainable energy future.

Guided by the country’s goal of 30% of energy consumption derived from renewable energy by 2037, WHA Solar continues to innovate towards a cleaner sun-powered world. By harnessing nature’s own solar energy, we all contribute to a more sustainable future every day.

Solar energy: sunlight as a source of sustainable electricity

How does it work?

Solar energy is created via a photovoltaic (PV) system, where panels generate electricity through exposure to sunlight. This electricity is converted from DC (direct current) to AC (alternating current) power and supplied back to the power grid or stored for later use.

Integrating solar power into your business is a win-win solution. This renewable energy translates into direct cost savings in operations, along with the benefits of no air pollution nor use of fossil fuels. You’ll be actively part of the net-zero target for our sustainable future, generating your own power to cover energy use, with valuable excess production to sell to the grid. All around the world, countries, industry and individuals are turning towards adopting active measures to using renewable energy for sustainability.

Facing the sun: Thailand's policy on solar energy

What is the government support for solar power?

Solar energy in Thailand is significantly growing. It is the top renewable green resource for development supported by Thai government policies. Thailand's Alternative Energy Development Plan 2018–2037 proposes a target of 34% renewable or green energy of total energy production by 2037, with solar power contributing the most (approx. 40%) towards this transformation.

The solar energy market has opened up substantially for private investment, operations and innovation over the past decade. Promoting private electricity generation and trading, especially in industrial and commercial buildings, will continue, alongside regulations designed to restrict anti-competitive behavior and market concentration by the Energy Regulatory Commission (ERC). Updated solar feed-in tariffs and solar rooftop regulations reflect continual Thai government backing for growth in solar power – the support for this sector is substantial, long-standing and assuring. WHA Solar’s dedicated team will accompany your organization to navigate the full process.

Solar powering Thailand's industrial and service sectors

How can industry utilize solar energy?

Solar installations are part of renewable energy solutions that can lower operating costs while at the same time contribute towards a greener environment. By installing solar rooftop panels on industrial and commercial buildings, businesses can take advantage of larger surface areas to generate electricity from sunlight, supplying excess energy back to the power grid. Other buildings such as schools, and those in the retail and service sectors with large roof space can also install solar rooftop panels for energy efficiency.

For businesses with available land or water, ground-mounted and floating solar panels respectively can be installed on suitable properties. Large carparks or carports are also ideal for transformation into solar carparks, utilizing overhead space into a renewable energy resource. Across manufacturing, logistics, agriculture, automotive, construction, large retail and community malls, technology and many service sectors, explore the solar possibilities with WHA Solar.

WHA Solar: part of Thailand’s renewable energy solutions

We have been providing solar power solutions to diverse types of businesses across a range of industries throughout Thailand, at varying commercial sites, in industrial estates and logistics parks since 2018. Part of WHA Utilities & Power (WHAUP) and the wider WHA Group, WHA Solar meets our customers’ needs with the latest developments in solar energy production.

We supply renewable energy solutions for sustainable growth. Read more about WHA Solar here and our proven track record with a range of companies here .

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