Our Campaigns


WHAUP prioritizes ensuring that its business operations, surrounding communities, and the environment coexist in a sustainable and harmonious manner. In this regard, WHAUP places a high value on pragmatic and sustainable environmental management and resource conservation that is relevant to the nature of its business operations and activities, such as active management and monitoring of wastewater quality.

Year :

Air Emission Initiative

WHAUP conducted various air emission reduction initiatives, which include studying the development of innovative technologies to apply with solar power business, such as a Peer-to-Peer (P2P) energy trading for application among WHA IE's industrial customers and a Smart Microgrid.

Waste Management Collaboration Project: Hamper and Laptop Case

WHAUP as part of WHA Group incorporates with PTT Global Chemical (GC) to collect used PET bottles from school under ThinkCycle Bank Project and collect water hyacinth from wastewater treatment system; polishing pond of ESIE, WHA ESIE1 and WHA ESIE2 forming to yarn and produce hampers and laptop cases.

Green Efforts

Educating and empowering posterity to make responsible and environmentally-friendly decisions are WHA Groups' efforts to contribute to a sustainable future.

Reduce Dependency on Plastics

Served together with comfort and convenience, singleuse plastics without proper management are the manmade predators in the ecosystem, imposing potential irreversible, global impacts on vital climate processes and biodiversity levels.

Sort N' Save Project

The objective of the Sort N' Save Project is to increase environmental awareness amongst WHA Group employees as well as explore plausible innovative business platforms in alignment with the circular economy principles.

Waste to Energy

WHAUP views that converting waste to electricity is the prevailing method to tackle the significant waste problems and support concerns on energy demands.

Integrated Solar System Solutions: Solar Rooftop, Solar Carpark and Floating Solar Farm

WHAUP has installed solar PV ECO system at Continental, one of the leading tire manufactures in the world. This photovoltaic system comprises 3 different types of solar power installation with a total of 4.2 MW at the WHA Eastern Seaboard Industrial Estate 4.

Solar Rooftop

WHAUP prioritizes the installation of solar panels within WHAUP's own operations to increase the use of renewable energy consumption.

Water Management For Community

WHAUP has provided financial support in Construction of the wastewater treatment system for communities in Nong Khla Subdistrict Municipality, and shared knowledge in waste water management, constructed wet land, and etc.