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Solar power solutions for every business

WHA Solar is one of Thailand’s leaders of solar power solutions. We offer green energy to businesses seeking to add or convert to sustainable power, immediate savings with zero investment costs, and dedicated ongoing maintenance and service.

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Zero Upfront Investment

WHA Solar provides the full solar installation package and operating system for your business, under a long-term power purchase agreement - trade zero upfront costs for immediate electrical savings.


Reduced Electricity Costs with Green Energy

WHA Solar provides a sustainable cleaner electricity source, with energy savings right away - our solar power offerings are a win-win solution.

Energy Saving

20 Years of Free Service*

WHA Solar includes long-term smart monitoring and maintenance of your solar energy system to ensure ongoing high performance – our professional team is always ready to assist.

20 Years
Free Services*

*Conditions as mutually agreed under the Power Purchase Agreement

WHA Solar Solutions

Choosing the best type of solar installation

WHA Solar works with you to evaluate your available space for installing solar panels: on roof, on ground, or on water. Our highly-regarded specialist team will assess and determine the best place onsite for you to generate, distribute and consume renewable energy.

Types of solar power for your business

Solar Rooftop

Utilize your rooftop areas for sun-powered green energy

Solar rooftops are ideal for properties with large flat weight-bearing roofs free from shadows. Many large retail and industrial properties are suitable to take installations of photovoltaic (PV) panels above the actual workplace - create an environmentally-friendly source of sun-powered energy on your business property.

Solar Farm

Add ground-mounted solar cells to generate renewable energy

Solar farms are well-suited for properties with available land areas to install ground-mounted panels. Freestanding and with easy access for maintenance, a solar farm is the top option for generating a lot of renewable power on large clear ground areas - let sun power be the best source of renewable energy onsite.

Solar Carpark

Electrical efficiency with benefits on under-utilized canopies

Solar carparks are a prime use of existing infrastructure remodeled for extra cost-saving features. Combine sun energy and shade with current expansive unobstructed car space and transform it into a renewable solar power hub - and this upgrade into an onsite energy-generating asset will provide multiple returns. Charging electric vehicles could also be an add-in option.

Solar Floating

Create solar energy on water for multi-functional purposes

A solar floating system is an optimal solution for properties with bodies of water available for solar cell installation. Ideal for areas already in use for irrigation, floating PV panels also help to conserve water lost through evaporation and maintain water quality. Designed for strength and stability in the face of wind and waves – integrate a floating solar system to take advantage of the natural elements for sustainable energy.

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WHA Solar Solutions

Solar Rooftop
Solar Farm
Solar Carpark
Solar Floating


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