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What is the WHA Solar package?

Our process from zero-cost start to full savings

WHA Solar offers an all-in solar service package for customers in Thailand including site inspection, design, permit applications, installation, and long-term operation and maintenance at no upfront cost to customers. With zero initial investment and zero maintenance costs, the WHA Solar package helps businesses be part of the renewable energy cycle under a long-term private power purchase agreement (PPA).

We handle the full process: from evaluating the prospective site for solar installation, preparing all paperwork for a license, installing the solar cells onsite, and ongoing monitoring and service upkeep to ensure maximum performance. We use Tier 1 solar panels with a 25-year lifespan, combined with world-class safety standards and quality solar inverters. Solar power will be blended smoothly with the existing power supply source, posing no interruption to a property’s pre-solar operation or electrical system.

Enjoy the renewable energy savings immediately. Green power generated will offset energy previously created through burning fossil fuels. WHA Solar offers a cost-effective solution with long-lasting positive impacts for the environment.

WHA Solar Monitoring Platform

With our state-of-the-art solar monitoring platform, all customers can review the solar power generated on site and their energy use in real time. Pinpoint periods of peak and off-peak energy, backed with solid data to further enhance business operations.

Operation and maintenance

WHA Solar connects each solar energy system to smart monitoring, with continual oversight of operations on our own WHA Solar Central Monitoring Platform. For maintenance of the solar power system, our activities include checking inverters, inspecting the frame support structures of solar cells modules, ensuring the proper functioning of electricity systems, and performing regular cleaning of the solar panels.

Our comprehensive solar package

Start saving with WHA Solar

Seven steps to becoming part of the renewable energy transformation

1. Initial consultation

Meet and discuss your needs with WHA Solar in an initial consultation.

2. Site survey

WHA Solar completes a site survey to inspect if the building structure or available areas are well-fitted and suitable for installing solar panels.

3. Feasibility study

WHA Solar completes a feasibility study on whether the business property is both technically and financially appropriate for the installation of a solar energy system. This includes calculating the total area available for solar cells, and how much energy can be generated from the site

4. Proposal

WHA Solar provides a full proposal outlining the design, engineering and implementation of a solar energy system onsite, with recommendations for the optimal solutions on behalf of each customer.

5. Power Purchase Agreement (PPA)

WHA Solar prepares the Private Power Purchase Agreement. As the third-party owner and operator of the solar installation, we are responsible for all aspects of the solar energy system. The agreement sets the rate at which the business buys electricity from WHA Solar.

6. Permits and licenses

WHA Solar prepares all necessary paperwork in order to apply for permits and licenses for the solar installation. This may include building modifications, energy production, power generation and other related matters, to assorted bodies including the Thailand Board of Investment (BOI), Industrial Estate Authority of Thailand (IEAT), State Audit Office of Thailand (SAO Thailand), Department of Alternative Energy Development and Efficiency (DEDE), Energy Regulatory Commission of Thailand (ERC), Provincial Electricity Authority (PEA), Metropolitan Electricity Authority (MEA), and others.

7. Installation and grid connection with insurance - start saving

WHA Solar prepares the designated site for solar energy installation, testing and inspections, and a request to connect to the power grid of the relevant power utility. WHA Solar is fully insured from commencement and throughout the term of the project.

Our dedicated and professional team are always on call to address any issues, with no additional costs incurred to customers.

The time frame from start to finish for small projects is approximately 6–8 months. For projects larger than 1.0 MW, the time frame is estimated at 10–12 months, with permits and licensing taking the longest. Once complete, enjoy the extended savings of solar energy throughout the length of the agreement.

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