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What is the WHA Solar package?

WHA Solar offers an all-in solar service package for customers in Thailand including design, permitting, installation, and long-term operation and maintenance at no upfront cost to customers. With zero investment and zero maintenance costs, the WHA Solar package helps businesses be part of the green energy cycle under a long-term power-purchase agreement. It’s cost-effective and has less impact on the environment.

Start Saving with WHA Solar

WHA Solar installs and operates solar power systems across industrial estates and logistics parks in Thailand. We have Tier 1 solar panels on rooftops with a 25-year life span, combined with world-class safety standards and quality solar inverters. Solar power will be blended smoothly with the existing power supply source, posing no interruption to a factory’s pre-solar operation or electrical system.

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Steps to Begin Saving with WHA Solar


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