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Utilities and Water Solutions of WHA Group

Utilities system is another facility that is important to all sectors, including household, business, and industrial sectors, such as transportation, electricity, renewable energy, and water.

💦WHAUP provides utilities business services mainly for industrial entrepreneurs in industrial estates and zones. These utilities are basic for industrial estates with the following product or service characteristics:

  • Raw Water Procurement and Distribution
  • Industrial Water Production and Distribution
  • Wastewater Treatment Services


Why choose WHAUP services?

  • They are of high quality at low prices.
  • They preserve resources for the future.

✅ We have expanded the production capacity of industrial water and wastewater treatment to support the growth of entrepreneurs located in WHA's industrial estates. In addition, we have planned to expand our capacity to provide comprehensive utilities services along with the expansion of WHA's industrial estate areas both in the country and abroad. 



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