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WHAUP Ends Q1/2022 with Deal to Install Solar Farm for SUPERNAP (Thailand)

Bangkok – WHA Utilities and Power Public Company Limited (“WHAUP”) closed Q1/2022 a deal to install a ground-mounted solar power system for "SUPERNAP (Thailand)", the most advanced Tier-IV certified data center in Southeast Asia. The installation will be carried out on a total area of 10,000 sq.m., representing an investment of about THB 30 million.

In line with the company’s policy to help save the planet, reduce global warming and greenhouse effect, the project will also help SUPERNAP (Thailand), and its clients, to reduce electricity costs significantly throughout the system’s life, while offsetting 18,250 tons of CO2 emission to the environment.

Dr. Niphon Bundechanan, Chief Executive Officer, WHA Utilities and Power PLC. (WHAUP), announced the signing of the contract to install a ground-mounted solar power system for SUPERNAP (Thailand) Co. Ltd., the most advanced, multi-tenant, Tier-IV certified data center in Thailand and the ASEAN region, with the capability to connect with every network operator without any restrictions. The project installation area spans across 10,000 square meters within SUPERNAP (Thailand) grounds, located in the Economic Eastern Corridor (EEC), outside the Bangkok flood zone and close to international network landing station with links across the country of Thailand.

“SUPERNAP (Thailand) is a Tier-IV certified data center colocation and cloud services provider with the most advanced technology in the ASEAN region. It is driven by demand in Asia Pacific for purpose-built data centers that can guarantee performance, availability and disaster risk reduction. The growth of data and applications in the region is derived from the need to stay closer to businesses and consumers to improve customer experience using Cloud, AI, IoT and BIG Data. SUPERNAP (Thailand) is the leader in Asia, offering higher service capabilities than any other data centers in Southeast Asia. Having such a great company as our customer reinforces WHAUP’s position as a standard service provider of solar power systems,” said Dr. Niphon Bundechanan.

By being the first data center implementing renewable energy, SUPERNAP (Thailand) will contribute to the development of the green digital infrastructure of the region, supporting the national strategy to reduce greenhouse gas emission, as well as lowering the carbon footprint of its client.

Mrs. Sunita Bottse, Chief Executive Officer of SUPERNAP (Thailand) Co., Ltd., said: “SUPERNAP (Thailand) guarantees 100% uptime with power capacity of 33 KW per cabinet, and has a lower Power Usage Efficiency (PUE) than any other data centers in Thailand, making it already the most sustainable data center. To reduce energy consumption further as per our sustainability goals, the company is committed to procuring electricity from renewable energy, including having our own solar panels to supply power to our facility.”

WHAUP has been chosen to install the solar power system at SUPERNAP (Thailand) because of its expertise in engineering and safety and its solid experience in the installation of solar power systems. We are confident in the potentiality and professionalism of the company,” she added.

The project’s construction commenced in April and the commercial operations will be ready for service in October 2022. The power production throughout the contract’s lifetime is estimated at 37,725 million units. In the meantime, WHAUP will be able to gain income from the project as soon as it starts supplying solar power in October. Therefore, the company is confident that it can achieve its target of 150 megawatts of accumulative solar power purchase contracts, from 92 megawatts the previous year.

With its commitment to be a solar power installation service provider serving customers inside and outside WHA industrial estates, WHAUP has been trusted by many leading local and international companies. With its professionalism, engineering expertise, experience in providing utilities services, renewable energy solutions, and its ability to adopt new technologies and innovations, WHAUP ensures the company’s future business expansion.

The installation of the Solar Farm system will help reduce electricity costs for SUPERNAP (Thailand), and offset carbon dioxide emissions by up to 18,250 tons.

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