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WHAUP Signs a 10 MW Solar Rooftop Agreement with Megabangna

The company continues its dynamic expansion in renewable energy outside WHA industrial estates.
Three additional projects with a combined capacity of 15 MW are expected to be signed in the second quarter.

Bangkok – WHA Utilities and Power Plc (WHAUP) continues its dynamic business expansion to grow its portfolio of renewable energy, especially through the installation of solar rooftops. The company recently signed a Solar Rooftop installation agreement with SF DevelopmentCo., Ltd who is the management company of Megabangna Shopping Centre for 13 buildings with a total rooftop space of 62,000 square meters and a 10 MW capacity, worth 245 million baht. WHAUP CEO, Mr Somkiat Masunthasuwan also hinted that the company expects to sign three additional contracts in Q2/2022 for a combined capacity of 15.9 MW. Meanwhile, four projects representing a capacity of 22.5 MW will start commercial operations (COD) in the second quarter. Mr Somkiat is confident that the company’s annual revenue will be boosted and that total signed solar rooftop projects will reach 150 MW as planned.

Mr. Somkiat Masunthasuwan, Chief Executive Officer of WHA Utilities and Power Public Company Limited (WHAUP), revealed that the company will continue to expand its solar rooftop business, both inside and outside WHA Group’s industrial estates, with a target to sign solar rooftop contracts for a total capacity of 150 MW, up from 92 MW recorded last year. WHAUP recently signed a Solar Rooftop installation agreement worth 245 million baht with SF Development Co., Ltd. for 13 buildings at Megabangna, with a total rooftop space of 62,000 sq. m. and a 10 MW capacity. This project highlights the company’s plan to drive forward its renewable energy business.

The Megabangna Shopping Centre’s Solar Rooftop agreement is considered WHAUP’s biggest rooftop installation project located outside WHA Group’s industrial estates. It includes an after-sale service term of 20 years for the customer. The installation work will start in June 2022 and is expected to be completed within April 2023, followed by prompt revenue realization.

Mr. Somkiat stated that WHAUP plans to sign three additional solar rooftop projects in Q2/2022, which will generate electricity for a total of 15.9 MW, while four solar rooftop projects with a combined capacity of 22.56 MW will start commercial operations (COD). As a result, the company is confident that its target to sign total outstanding solar rooftop projects for 150 MW will be achieved by 2022.

Ms. Palinee Kongchansiri, President of SF Development Co., Ltd. (SFD), the developer of Megabangna shopping centre, said WHAUP is the country’s leading utilities and power service provider, having a team of engineering experts equipped with vast and professional experience. For these reasons, SFD is confident in WHAUP’s potential and service caliber.

Megabangna Shopping Centre sees the benefits of Solar Rooftop installation as it will help lower its energy expenses throughout the 25-year term, representing 1,040 million baht in total cost value. It will also offset CO2 emissions by 210,592 tons, in line with the policy to reduce global warming and greenhouse gas effects.

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