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WHA Group Delivers Upcycled “WHA Pan Sook” Pillows to Local Hospitals

WHA Corporation PCL or WHA Group recently delivered 500 “WHA Pan Sook” pillows made of microfiber transformed from recycled PET bottles to local hospitals and authorities, to be used by elderly patients and those needing special care. WHA Pan Sook is part of the Group’s 2022 WeCYCLE project that successfully collected used plastic bottles from WHA customers and employees. Some of these bottles were upcycled into hygienic pillowcases using the innovative QVIRA fabric that kills viruses, bacteria and fungi.

WHA Group has been caring for the surrounding communities by addressing their development needs. It demonstrates its commitment by initiating and supporting various activities to promote education, health and sports, safety and environmental protection for the well-being of the community.

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