Human Resource Club

In 2020, two Human Resource Clubs (HR Club) were established with the objectives to assist and provide convenience for WHA and WHAUP’s potential customers that are interested to establish factories in Thailand. Through the HR Club, WHA Group ensures that customers are supported throughout the investment process including permit application and liaise with government authorities; ensuring that vital relationships are established from the very start. 

By that, Eastern Seaboard Industrial Estate Human Resource Club (ESIE HR Club) was established since 1997 and Eastern Seaboard Labor Relations Club (ESLR Club) was established since 2005. Through the Eastern Seaboard Industrial Estate Human Resource Club (ESIE HR Club), which consists of members from over 250 companies operating within WHA Group’s industrial estates, the members were regularly updated on labor laws and any labor related news that are useful for completing human resource related tasks as well as received trainings facilitated by experts in the profession of human resource on a regular basis. 

Eastern Seaboard Labor Relations Club (ESLR), on the other hand, is comprised of members from 135 companies operating in WHA Group’s industrial estates. The ESLR Club served as a central labor related information support platform for members focusing on the labor union, regulations and coordination/advice on any arbitration or matters related to labor agreements.

Both clubs meet on a monthly basis to ensure that information communicated to the member are up-todate.

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