Demineralized Reclaimed Water Project

Furthermore, WHAUP also invested in the Demineralized Reclaimed Water, a large-scale project, consisting of 2 operations, each have maximum capacity of 4.38 mm3/ year. The project is developed in WHA Eastern Industrial Estate (WHA EIE) and aimed to increase treated water quality with low cost and using environmental friendly methodology. This innovative project helps the Group in reducing its dependence on major raw water distributors as well as alleviating uncertainty and impacts on both the quantity and quality of upstream water sources due to drought, pollution, contamination, etc., which are the main risk factors for utility providers. The project also helps WHA Group’s customers, which are entrepreneurs in various industries, to access to high quality water products and services at reasonable cost. In addition, the Demineralized Reclaimed Water innovation is a prototype project that can be expanded in new industrial estates of the WHA Group as well as extending and expanding the results to the community, for example, using domestic wastewater that has been treated to improve its quality to produce high-quality transformed water, etc. More detail these projects can be found in Water Management chapter.

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