SMART Metering

WHAUP develops the SMART Metering initiative to enhance the traceability of utilities provided. It converts the installed analog water meters that record the volume of water supplied and usage by industrial operators throughout the industrial complex to generate digital output. This digitized data recording reduced labor expenses that initially had to collect and compile data from all meters for invoicing purposes. The initiative also enables unusual water consumption behaviors and irregularities to be detected and addressed promptly. Monitoring for potential water transmission losses and pin-pointing leakage events can also be done through this online metering system. Moreover, the operating performance as well as customer satisfaction are improved.

This online monitoring system is also adopted in recording the solar power consumption by WHAUP's customers, which provides convenience for invoicing scheme. Such data are projected at WHA Tower, therefore, employees are no longer required to travel to each customer site and manually record their energy consumption data. As a result, this initiative can save 3,000 Baht/MW from related expenses. According to the business plan, WHAUP aims to achieve producing 300 MW of solar energy in 2023. Therefore, the SMART metering will save expense by 900,000 Baht.

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