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PAN GAN Project

In 2020, WHA Group launched PAN GAN, an online marketplace to promote and sell homemade products and homegrown specialties made by people residing around 9 of WHA Group’s industrial estates in Chonburi and Rayong provinces.

Cooperation with Customers

WHAUP, WHA Saraburi Industrial Land (WHA SIL) and WHA Rayong Industrial Land (WHA RIL), together with its housed customers, have established a Community Relationship Committee. Members of the Committee cooperatively collect funds to conduct social development programs to enhance the surrounding communities’ livelihoods.

Sponsor of Thermometer Robot

In addition to the financial aids given to the Faculty of Medicine of Siriraj Hospital and Ramathibodi Hospital to help those affected the most by the COVID-19 crisis, WHA Group, inclusive of WHAUP, sponsored two “CURoboCovid”, a thermometer robot created by the Faculty of Engineering, Chulalongkorn University.

Mobile Medical Unit

Mobile Medical Unit was a key health approach utilized to improve access to health care services in remote areas. WHA Group and WHAUP recognize the direct correlation of good health and livelihood of the community, therefore, have organized annual Mobile Medical Units to reach out to neighboring community members within the WHA industrial estates premises in Rayong and Chonburi. Provision of vaccines to prevent influenza and bug-out bags/survival kits were distributed to community members to support the members to live healthier lives.

WHA Group School Contribution Program

For the 23rd year, WHA Group, WHA ID and WHAUP, in collaboration with over 50 companies in WHA industrial estates, helped students from low-income families use education as a stepping stone to improve their quality of life. Through practical donations, WHA Group’s Annual School Contribution Program continued to make positive impacts on the neighboring communities and society.

Scholarship Awards

Children represent the future workforce and are the drivers of the nation. Presently, WHA Group has given 79 scholarships to students, with the total funds of 727,600 Baht. In 2020, there were 22 students participating in these scholarship programs.

Teacher Fellowship Program

Our society is faced with issues from the lack of qualified teachers. Thus, WHA Group and WHAUP supported the schools within WHA industrial premises, in Rayong and Chonburi provinces, by providing a total of 1,260,000 Baht funds for teachers from 7 different schools in the area.

Art Camp for Students

The 12th WHA Art Camps took place in 2020, at the hometown of primary school students from Rayong and Chonburi. The first Art Camp is dedicated to students from upper elementary school, and focused on activities that allow students to learn basic art knowledge. Environment conservations, history, and local culture teachings were also incorporated into the curriculum as well. The second organized Art Camp is for junior high school students, where the students got to meet peers from various schools and participated on field trips together. Despite the pandemic crisis, WHA Group continued to make a difference in these students’ lives by supporting education through art in order to help with selfdevelopment and other necessary skills.

Emergency Drills

Having operations within WHA Group’s industrial estates, WHAUP participates in the Group’s annual emergency drills for various potential incidents including firefighting and evacuation, hazardous chemical spillages, traffic accident, flood and emergency events related to factories within the industrial estates.