WHAUP has continuously expanded its industrial water production capacity and improved its wastewater treatment capability to serve its industrial customers.

Industrial Water Supply

WHAUP produces and distributes industrial water to manufacturers with the capacity of 294,576 cubic meters per day. There are 2 types of industrial water as below:

  1. Process water is industrial water that has undergone the processes of sedimentation, filtration and chlorination for disinfection. The final product is used in the production process in industrial plants in general. WHAUP’s core customers include customers from automotive industry, food industry and electronics industry.
  2. Clarified water is produced through the processes of sedimentation, filtration and chlorination. The difference is the quantity and concentration of chlorine in the water; in particular a very small amount of chlorine is left in the clarified water when it is distributed to customers. This product can serve the demand of customers in heavy industries such as petrochemical industrial plants and power plants, since the chlorine can corrode machinery and equipment used in those industries.