COVID-19 has been identified as a potential threat that could impact the health of WHAUP employees, contractors, or those exposed to such risks in 2021 due to the ongoing spread of the pandemic virus. As a result, good OHS practices are critical during pandemics. WHAUP employs a COVID-19 Procedure that prescribes precautionary practices in accordance with the regulatory requirements of the Ministry of Public Health. This includes, among other things, regular alcohol sanitization of facilities, body temperature checks, and the recording of personal data upon entry to workplaces. Furthermore, through internal SharePoint and emails, all employees were kept up to date on any COVID-19-related news.

In 2021, WHAUP implemented the Bubble and Seal measure in accordance with the government’s goal of protecting industrial plant workers and surrounding communities from COVID-19 infections. The process of this measure is Comply with the Business Continuity Management Plan (BCP) and comply with government regulations for compliance. Result from this measure Process water and wastewater treatment systems can produce and treat wastewater continuously does not affect business and employees are not at risk of contracting COVID-19 in the work area

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