Whappy Program

In 2021, WHAUP implemented together with WHA Group's WHAppy program which is the combination of WHA + Happy. This program is a series of change management activities and communication to promote positivity and can-do attitude among WHA community. The program includes various activities to enhance employees' knowledge, capabilities, mindset, including health and well-being.

As part of the WHAppy Programs, various sessions were conducted on different topics that are important to employee development and align with WHAUP's change strategy. We have grouped all activities to 4 key categories including;

  1. WHAppy Talk - a series of knowledge sharing and inspirational talk by both external well-known guest speakers and internal WHA's own management and staffs, e.g., Talk by Khun Krating: KBTG, Talk by Khun Joe Thana: SCB, etc.
  2. WHAppy Friday Activity - a series of laid-back, relax, yet beneficial activities mostly held on Friday to help destressing our people from their week-long calendar, e.g., Stress Management by doctor from Bangkok Hospital, Live with Covid-19 by doctor from Bamrungrad Hospital, Food Nutrition and Exercising by AIA, Money Management by SCB, etc.
  3. WHAppy Podcast - a series of podcast to be broadcasted internally to enhance staffs' awareness and knowledge on global new trends and ongoing digital transformation journey, e.g., Cybersecurity, How to become paperless organization, Data-driven organization, etc.
  4. WHAppy Festival - a series of activities aligning with key festive seasons for the whole year to create bonding and unity among WHA staffs, e.g., Songkran Festival, Annual Merit Making Day, WHA Group New Year Party, etc.

As a result, in total of 20 activities had been hosted in the year 2021, after the kick-off of WHAppy program in March. All activities had been adjusted to accommodate and comply with the social-distancing and work from home policy, which have been quite challenging for the team. However, the results from each activity had been beyond the expectation. In total, average satisfaction rate for all activities are at 4.35 out of 5 scale, and more than 60% of all employees participated 100% in all activities. Most importantly, working team has received abundant of feedbacks and suggestions from staffs to further plan for a more employee-focused activities in the year 2022.

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