Safety Culture

WHAUP participates in training programs to educate relevant stakeholders about workplace safety, with the goal of integrating OHS practices for all stakeholders. Training programs are created in response to risk assessments and changes in legal requirements.

Afterwards, on an annual basis, WHAUP provides and ensures that all of its employees receive appropriate health surveillance programs. Furthermore, access to medical services for employees is ensured through the provision of health and safety insurance. Nonetheless, WHAUP welcomes and encourages its employees to make suggestions to their supervisors about how to improve working conditions. Departments of Human Resources and Safety and Safety Committee about how to improve working conditions.

Safety concerns are important for WHAUP; it extends from its employees to the suppliers and contractors performing work on behalf of WHAUP. All suppliers and contractors are subjected to adhere to WHAUP's safety requirements, and surpass training course on the Company's environmental policy and relevant regulatory and safety standards. Those that have surpassed the training will receive a contractor card that will expire in one year from issuance date. Such training course was conducted in 2021 for 186 new WHAUP

WHA Group established the Safety Club, which includes WHAUPs' employees, contractors, and customers, to collaboratively improve safety measures with its stakeholders. The goal of this Safety Club is for participants to share their thoughts and opinions on safety practices. The Club holds quarterly meetings, the most recent of which was held in October 2021. There were 41 people in attendance at this meeting, and the topics of discussion included traffic management, road safety, drug addiction and abuse control, first aid, cardiopulmonary resuscitation, and the benefits of community enterprise.

Furthermore, in 2021, WHAUP participate employee recreation activities by supporting employee clubs such as fitness clubs, boxing clubs, yoga clubs, football clubs, and badminton clubs, among others, in order to promote employee health and well-being

Make "Employee Wellbeing" a new priority, with an emphasis on occupational health and safety. WHAUP prioritizes employee health because the company's success is based on the health and safety of its employees. As a result, WHAUP has taken steps to promote health and safety in order to keep employees healthy. Furthermore, WHAUP promoted employee wellbeing through the following program:

  • Creating a well-being program that aligns with employees' needs in terms of health, wealth, and career
  • Workplace improvement projects
  • WHA Care; Voice of Employee program

Furthermore, WHAUP uses an online communication activity called "WHAPPY program" from The Group via Microsoft Team to provide knowledge to all employees on a variety of topics such as health and wellness knowledge, development program training, influence talk, CEO talk, exercise activity, and festive party.

In 2021, the Group has organized online activities with health-related topics such as "Stress management and burnout syndrome", "Stretching fit for fun" and "Life balancing to fit and firm", "WHAppy Health & Wellness - Met. Tips for taking care of your physical and mental health while working during COVID-19" etc.

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