Water Management For Community

The Community Water Management Program's objectives are as follows:

  1. To be a waste water treatment plant for the Nong Khla community that is both technologically and environmentally advanced.
  2. To treat Nong Khla Community waste water before discharging it into natural water resources.
  3. To serve as a recreation area for the Nong Khla community.
  4. The waste water treatment plant's capacity is 800 cubic meters per day.

WHAUP has provided financial support in Construction of the wastewater treatment system for communities in Nong Khla Subdistrict Municipality, and shared knowledge in waste water management, constructed wet land, and etc. Nong Khla Subdistrict Municipality provided the vacant land in area of Nong Khanun for the project of 11 rai.

18 February 2021 - WHA Utilities and Power Plc (WHAUP) and the municipality of Ban Chang in Rayong province recently signed a Memorandum of Understanding (MoU) to collaborate and share knowledge in the field of wastewater management in general, and specifically in the use of recycled wastewater, also known as reclaimed wastewater.

This MoU agreement, which is valid for two years, is part of the WHA Group's Clean Water for Planet CSR initiative and the Ban Chang municipality's efforts to embrace the "Smart City" concept. Recognizing the importance of improved water system management, both parties intend to maximize industrial operators' use of reclaimed water from Ban Chang communities in neighboring WHA industrial estates.

Mr. Suchin Pulhirun, Mayor of Ban Chang Municipality, declared: 'We are very pleased to sign this MoU with WHA Utilities & Power, as our city seeks to become a model for sustainable development in water management. We believe this will be a "win-win" project that will benefit both parties and promote long-term environmental solutions for our community."

Dr. Niphon Bundechanan, CEO of WHA Utilities and Power Plc., commented: "With this MoU, we are looking forward to share our experience in wastewater management to Ban Chang Municipality, a sociallyactive district in the Eastern Economic Corridor. The treated wastewater will be converted into high-quality water that can be used by industrial customers in WHA Group's industrial estates. It will help us secure raw water resources in the EEC and contribute to solve the drought problems in the long term."

Ms. Jareeporn Jarukornsakul, Chairman and Group CEO of WHA Group Pcl, added: "This MoU will support the development of the EEC. Together with Ban Chang Municipality, as well as other municipalities and partners, we aim to set the standards for sustainable and environment-friendly techniques and practices in water management and treatment," she explained. "This is also a great opportunity to spread information to community members, from households to factories, on the importance of water conservation. This 'municipal wastewater to industrial user' concept is a good practice for sustainable development and create the utmost collaboration between local and industry"

WHAUP offers value-added water products, such as wastewater reclamation and demineralized water, to industrial customers both in WHA industrial estates and non-WHA industrial estates, as well as other industrial land developers and municipalities. In 2020, the company invested THB 300 million (nearly USD 10 million) in two reclaimed water projects in WHA Eastern Industrial Estate (Map Ta Phut) and Eastern Seaboard Industrial Estate (Rayong).

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