Integrated Solar System Solutions: Solar Rooftop, Solar Carpark and Floating Solar Farm

WHAUP has installed solar PV ECO system at Continental, one of the leading tire manufactures in the world. This photovoltaic system comprises 3 different types of solar power installation with a total of 4.2 MW at the WHA Eastern Seaboard Industrial Estate 4. Solar rooftop, two factory buildings’ roof of 27,400 square meters have been installed solar panel with a total power generating capacity of 2,757 kW. Solar carpark, covering a total of 8,400 square meters will generate electricity of 958 kW, and a floating solar farm on a 7,000 square meters pond, will generate electricity of 475 kW. This project already achieved commercial operation in March 2021 with total energy produce of 4,439 MWh in 2021.

Solar Carpark

Solar Rooftop

Floating Solar Farm

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