Work-life Solutions

WHAUP as part of WHA Office Solutions, a highperformance office premises, which include projects such as WHA Tower, @Premium, SJ Infinite I, and TusPark WHA. With its flexibility and adaptability, WHA Office Solutions offers a working environment that allows for creativity, innovation and collaboration with new advanced technologies – thus enhance employees' satisfaction and attracts potential talents to the workforce.

WHAUP launched its new headquarter, WHA Tower, in 2021. It is located in the Bangna business center. WHA Tower project has also received an award for "Commercial High Rise Architecture Thailand". This transition to a new headquarter will promote employees' work-life solution. This is because WHA Tower has a working environment that is easily adjustable, and consists of various amenities such as co-working space, coffee shop that is surrounded by beautify scenery, garden and fountain. There is also a versatile open area for activities in order for employees to have an effective working experience, while maintaining a balanced, and healthy lifestyle, with relaxation and entertainment.

Moreover, WHA Tower has advanced technologies, incorporating with safety and flexibility, as well as innovation technologies that is operated by digital system that is highly known for its effective safety management. The technologies within the building include a face scanner for when entering or exiting, a body temperature monitoring system to ensure good public health, parking lots of up to 500 spaces, as well as, innovative technologies that is environmentally friendly and a light rail project that is expected to be completed in 2023.

Nonetheless, the transition to a new headquarter is also a process to group together all the business units into one location. This is to increase work performance, reduce transportation, and minimize communication limitations between the business units.

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