WHA E-Job Market

In 2021, WHA Group and WHAUP organized the "WHA E-Job Market" Project in collaboration with public companies and industrial operators on the Group's premises in Rayong and Chonburi. It is an online platform that will match its customers' recruitment needs with job seekers' qualifications. The E-Job Market program is easily accessible via the company's website as part of WHA Group's CSR initiatives. The project aims to increase hiring in the surrounding communities during the COVID-19 pandemic by providing jobs within the industrial premises. There were 360 job positions or roles available, and 1,036 community members applied through this project.

WHA Group and WHAUP benefited from the E-Job market as a result of the added value created for WHA's customers. To act as a support system for customers during the pandemic's difficult times. The Covid-19 had an effect on a variety of industries and a large number of their employees. However, some businesses are interested in filling vacancies, particularly in their production line. Through the WHA E-Job Market, the WHA Group and WHAUP enables a win-win situation for all stakeholders by matching WHA customers' human resource needs with job seeker expectations, expanding their job channels and opportunities to attract new and skilled talent. Additionally, the entire process was conducted online. There was no paper. This program can assist WHA's customers in reducing the amount of paper used for job applications and recruitment.

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